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Want to start your own online web store but don’t know how? Well, Shopify might be the answer for you!


Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for setting up an online store. It’s perfect for non-technical users and might be just right for your eCommerce website.

Shopify combines simplicity with function including plenty of free themes (and premium ones as well).

Shopify hosts and maintains everything. Their platform is built specifically for eCommerce so you can be sure that no matter how much you sell, their servers will handle it.

Shopify also takes care of all the tech stuff. Yay! You can spend more time doing what you do best – selling your products!

If you don’t have the hours to put into building your own eCommerce site from scratch, click the Shopify logo below to get started. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

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Starting an eCommerce Website Can be Daunting

Setting up a Shopify online store is easy. Their system will basically walk you through the process. Everything is point and click. For those of you not technically inclined, Shopify websites are a great way to get in on the world of eCommerce.

You can choose from a bunch of Shopify themes for your store. Shopify themes are professionally coded and beautifully designed for maximum sales. You don’t have to know how to program or code. All you have to do is have a great product and sell it.

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Shopify Facebook: Sell on Social Media

One of the really nice features that come with Shopify sites is the ability to sell right through Facebook. A great social media presence could help you reach lots of people you already know. The ability to sell on Facebook really takes Shopify to another level. In most cases, gaining web traffic to a brand new online store is difficult.

Trust is also an issue. If you’re shopping for something online and you happen to find it on a website you’ve never heard of, you’re simply less likely to buy from there. You’ve never heard of them. You don’t trust them. By using Facebook to extend the Shopify platform to your inner circle of social media contacts, you begin your eCommerce journey with people who know and trust you.

Built for Online Stores

Because Shopify does nothing but eCommerce websites, their platform and hardware are optimized accordingly. Shopify’s entire infrastructure is tuned for the performance demands of today’s online shopper.

Platforms that offer services other than eCommerce must balance the needs of those services against the needs of the online stores they host.

Shopify’s Support is 1st Class

Shopify is known for having stellar support. If you have an issue, they’re right there with you to help. And, because Shopify sites are so common, there’s a tremendous amount of documentation out on the web.

In most cases, any issue you might come across with Shopify can be resolved with a quick Google search.

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Lots of Payment Gateways

As someone who’s set up lots of different online stores, I can attest to the fact that one of the most frustrating parts is setting up all the payment gateways. Credit cards, PayPal, Stripe… the list goes on and on.

Pretty much every eCommerce site platform out there requires you to install something different for each gateway and go through a ton of configuration. Shopify payment gateways are super simple.

Speaking of Money…

Shopify is extremely cost-effective, especially if you’re just starting out. Their lowest plans start off at just $29 a month, which when you think about all you get, is a great deal. While their top tier plans can cost 10x as much, you won’t need those extra features until you’re making enough to cover the bill.

But what if you get to the point where you’re selling so much and so successful that you want to hire your own developer to build a custom eCommerce website? You can quit whenever you want. Shopify doesn’t require large single investments, meaning you don’t have to be concerned about losing a chunk of money to fees on the way out. There’s no contract to sign either. Shopify’s system is essentially exit-free.

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Becoming One of the Top Shopify Stores

Becoming successful with Shopify isn’t much different than becoming successful on any other platform. You must build a solid and trustworthy brand for your business.

Invest time and money in amazing photography and build a sense of style. While this isn’t a unique requirement for Shopify success, it’s worth mentioning. Even the best eCommerce platform won’t assure success without the right combination of quality and style.

Shopify takes care of all the technical stuff while giving you the tools to build that brand recognition critical to success.

Are you ready to get started? Head over to Shopify now and start your free trial.

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